Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back up the scale...

I'm having some really, really stressful weeks going on here.  Emotionally just a wreck and choosing not to fight it.  I'm eating to soothe my feelings.  Add some PMS on top of that and I'm a super salty-sweet scavenger here.  Pretty sure the bag of oreos and of tortilla chips sums that one up.

I'm up 7 pounds.  I'm pissed.  Pissed at myself for the junk I've eaten.

My son starts school in a couple weeks.  Five days a week, three hours a day.  Perfect for working out...alone!  Every. Single. Day. Alone!  I have a plan.  I will wear my workout clothes to drop him off.  I will go work out or walk or something during that time! 

I want to start dating....

I don't want to date as a 'big girl'.  I want to be happy inside first.  I WILL do this.