Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three Pounds

I GAINED 3 pounds! I wasn't careful enough about what I was eating when I got stressed out recently. I ate junk for two days and I made excuses every time I put something in my mouth that didn't belong there. A chip or two there, a cookie, a few chocolate pretzels, and three pounds hopped onto my body. Honestly, I saw that and wanted to give up. Even though I made positive changed things like making a salad as one of my meals, and adding fish to my diet, gaining felt like it canceled out the good stuff too. Then I thought about it and it's giving me more motivation to lose all this weight! Anger usually translates to motivation in my world and I am angry with myself today.

I also need to start drinking more water. I HATE water! Those diet water flavors gross me out w/the diet sugar taste. Actually, I hate water that's not ice cold. I may have to invest in a filter, stock up on ice cubes, and/or keep a few water bottles in the icebox. Anything that makes it easier keeps me from making excuses or bad food choices.

I'm also going to put more effort into my workouts since I've been only half-hearted on that aspect. I need to just jump in and be committed and do everything all at once. No more easing into it bit by bit. THREE POUNDS!!!! *Sighs*


  1. are you counting your calories for each meal? i found that this is an absolute must for me. this way you know exactly where you are every day.


  2. I have not been diligent about that and I'm starting a new food journal today. Everything I eat is going on there. A roadblock for me is eating a bite of this or 2 bites of that.

    The most difficult thing is actually going to be when I cook from scratch and trying to track everything that goes into the recipe. I know that consuming an overabundance of carbs just pack on pounds here, and diabetes runs in my family. It's going to be a long learning process to get all this together.