Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Even though it's probably not completely deserved The Fat Chick  listed me in her 'consistently consistent award' followers.  Thanks!  I guess I better be more motivated and post more often.  I sadly neglect my 'mommy blog' just as much as this one most days, so at least I'm consistent in neglecting both equally.  LOL

So I suppose I should update for real.

I've been eating garbage and got garbage back for it.  2+ pounds gained for eating chocolate bars and pizza and ice cream.  Blech.  And I feel like garbage after I eat that stuff too.  Not only that, but I binged on it for a few days and felt completely annoyed with myself for grabbing whatever I might have a taste for and just eating it.  Then when I realize it's NOT what I had a taste for, I get annoyed and start looking for something else to stop the gnawing desire for something...anything that will shut my brain up for a while.  Ironically, the last time I did this it was a nectarine that finally fulfilled that craving.  I ate two and they were delicious.  Ice cream is usually my weakness and I've decided not to bring it into my home anymore.  I'll stick to my Greek yogurt (Chobani all natural) since it's in a single serving cup and I won't gorge on it.

Also of note, my stress about my finances and changing my income stream is having an effect on what I eat.  If I keep processed, lazy-making food in my house I eat it first and then the good-for-me stuff goes bad...because it's fruit and veggies!  So while I do need easy, fast-to-make food in my house for days I need to work and work some more but my kid still needs to eat, I have to keep the bad-for-me frozen stuff out of my house.  I'm going to have to try a Sunday all day cook for the week type thing and then I'll be forced to eat the veggies and fruits for breakfast, snacks, and dinner.  I'm all about the easy so I'm going to try this and see if it helps cut out the nasty processed freezer section food from my home freezer.  Wish me luck in this because Sunday dishes will be insane with this plan & I hate me some dirty dishes.

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