Thursday, November 4, 2010


I love food.  Obviously.  I love cooking it and creating flavors that just meld seamlessly.  Eating it is the reward for the work put into creating.  If something tastes good, my willpower to resist eating it all or eating too much goes out the window.

So how do I turn off my desire to eat delicious food and still say enough is enough?  It's not like suddenly I'm going to have willpower out of the blue.  I mean, if I had willpower like that I wouldn't be where I am now.  Fat.

What kills me is that when I was pregnant I got gestational diabetes and followed the diet to a T.  The nutritionist was really impressed that I switched over so easily.  Well, my son's life was in danger and I was having female issues because of the high blood sugar.  Of course I'd follow it.  As soon as my son was born, I grabbed the Oreos.  Not being able to eat sugar sucked.  Sugar free food is the Devil.  How anyone gets used to that nasty taste of 'fake' sugar...yuck.

So, I don't know.  Portion control is obviously an issue because I love how food tastes.  I don't just eat anything because it's here.  I wouldn't eat Ramen noodles if you paid me.  I also hate sugary cereals.  Most the food I have in my house is pretty healthy!  We do not eat white bread.  We don't drink whole milk.  We mostly eat chicken and limit red meat to ground beef sometimes.  The only yogurt I buy is Chobani greek yogurt (so good).  I don't really like sausage or pepperoni on pizza and it's something like Newman's or California Pizza kitchen.  We love fruit and veggies!  I try to avoid corn syrup and use natural peanut butter.

But then there's the snacks like salt & vinegar chips or reverse Oreos.  I can't keep ice cream in my house or it's gone.  My weakness is root beer floats.  I could possibly live on those and bacon, which is also not in my house.  The Goldfish crackers I eat by the handful are killing me.  I hate water.  God, I hate water.  Buying bottled water seems wasteful, but I won't drink tap water.  So we drink 100% juice, 1% milk, and the dread pop (soda) which isn't a staple here either.

You know, I'm pretty sure exercise would help too.  Just sayin'.

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