Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Oh the fun of sinus congestion and feeling bad all over.  I've had more chicken soup, tea, and orange juice than should be humanly allowed.  The poptart I ate was dry and scratchy and tasted like dirt - sugary dirt.  Yuck.  Milk was a really bad choice this morning and just made me a way more congested, and I knew better so that's worse.  I suppose this is a good thing?  The taste of my normal foods are just off and I don't want to eat anything since it tastes weird.  It may even just be allergies but I doubt it.  I can guarantee I won't be trying to do any aerobic activities while I can't breathe through two nostrils at the same time.  I just feel so yuck right now.

I'm just waiting for my son to get this too.  He just got over a cold and it's never fun when he's congested.  That truly stresses me out and trying to get him to eat stresses me out even more.  The only easy part of that is that I can finally keep up with him because he doesn't want to do anything.  I know he's better when he's back to his Tigger-like bouncy self.  That's usually when I end up eating what he leaves on his plate because it's basically not touched.  I don't eat mine and then his, I usually just eat his plate because I know he won't.

I really need to figure this all out.  This might just be the most boring non-weight loss blog ever.  There's no weight loss or exercise to be seen around here.  Just me thinking about it and wishing it would happen. You know, I'm in a terrible mood today and sick of myself.  On that note...g'nite.

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