Friday, November 5, 2010

My Hope

My hope this month is that by writing about my struggles to even get motivated to get fit will lead to some changes.  I really feel silly writing that I didn't work out or didn't eat wonderfully again today.  I wonder if I can write that everyday and still call this a weight loss blog?  I've never gained this much weight before so this is all new territory.  I've always been able to starve it off on Mt. Dew and Goldfish crackers.  Having my son and having my gall bladder out really put a wrench in that unhealthy weight loss program I had going on.  Now, with the lack of a gall bladder, if I don't want to have some serious intestinal issues, I have to eat something.  If I wait until lunch I'm screwed.  

So this weekend I'm going to see family, my son is going to burn off more calories than he takes in, and I'm going to take in more than I burn off.  Somehow I'm going to get some walking in there somewhere.  It's getting cold and I really, really wish I could afford the gym right now.  Since I'm self-employed, I hope and pray my contracts pay me on time.  This month it didn't happen like that and my reserve is already running low from moving and not going to school this year.  It's just a big struggle to get back on track to where I'm feeling comfortable with my life and my schedule.  Oh, the guilt.  This sucks and it doesn't help me get skinny.  

Here's the stress showing - the spice candies I don't like that much just went into my mouth.  Five of them.  Ugh.  Now I'm going to go rummage for something, and I don't know what yet.  Something.  I hate stressing about money because it leads to eating things I don't really want to eat.  If I ignore it, I will be back up in 5 minutes rummaging again.  Ridiculous.  

Boy, I hope I get to the fitness part of this blog soon because this really doesn't speak well for my progress on losing pounds at all. 

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