Monday, November 8, 2010


Today I realized if I start my day with oatmeal, I don't have the urge to snack or just wander in search of something to eat.  It actually keeps me full until lunch and I like oatmeal.  Okay, so it's not the plain kind...yet.  And I probably ingested too many calories, carbs, sugar, etc. but it's good to know and I can switch to plain with my own fruit once I'm out of my blah slump.  I'm feeling better.  I don't know what it is when fall ends and right before Daylight Savings I get all out of sorts and yuck.  I'm not going to blame it on PMS because that's not like a month long issue.  Not for me anyway.  So I had greek yogurt and homemade chili with veggies in it.  I have always put in frozen mixed veggies, even though this time it felt like I was ruining it, but I like them and it's better for me.  Now as far as portion control, I could probably have had smaller portions and no cheese.  I didn't use sour cream at all this time.  It's these little changes I need to document so I just don't feel like I'm completely failing and just not making any effort at all.  Thank God the Halloween candy is all gone.  We didn't have that much in my house, so that was a plus.  But I did have KFC chicken and then homemade pizza Saturday while I visited family.  So my battle is just maybe trying to work on portion control in small ways.  I really, really know I need to add exercise.  I'm not mentally there yet.  I'll have to blog those out tomorrow.

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